Resident enjoys village services and opposes dissolution

Posted 17 January 2015 at 12:00 am


My wife and I moved into the village a year ago, although I have always lived in the area. In that year we have appreciated the services provided to us.

We had a carbon monoxide detector go off late one evening and we were amazed by the response time of the Medina Fire Department. This is something that would not have happened with a volunteer fire department simply because the volunteers generally do not staff the fire hall around the clock.

Thinking we may lose our wonderful fire service and village police department due to dissolution scares my wife and me. We don’t want to wait for a police car that is across the county.

There are services I expect to have living in the village. If the village dissolves we would be starting from ground zero. The OneMedina group claims all services will remain and taxes will go down. It seems far-fetched that we can eliminate all of these services, then while saving tax money, get all of the services back. Do not dissolve our village. Vote no on Jan. 20.

Brett J. Goheen