Republicans should back party’s candidate for sheriff: Randy Bower

Posted 28 October 2015 at 12:00 am


On October 17, the Orleans County Republicans held a “Fall Rally.” This was a very nice event put on by the Ridgeway Republicans.

A wonderful meal was furnished by the Ridgeway Fire Company’s Ladies Auxillary. Former State Sen. George Maziarz, current State Sen. Rob Ortt and State Assemblyman Steve Hawley were in attendance, as well as local officials endorsed by the Republican Party.

However, a dark cloud was cast over the evening. A night of unity among Republicans was overshadowed by a few (supposedly) Republicans. These few supposed Republicans made it very obvious that they were supporting a man endorsed by another party! Blatant disloyalty!

They apparently feel that the Republican choice for sheriff is not theirs. They feel that they don’t need to follow their party’s choice! What happened to party loyalty!?!

These same people will come up for re-election and will want an endorsement! Well, guess what, vote for who you want! Don’t publicly display signs for the opposition candidate while you are an enrolled Republican!

The NYS Sheriffs Association and NYS Corrections Union have both endorsed Randy Bower for sheriff. These two state-wide law enforcement organizations evaluated all of the candidates for sheriff and selected Randy Bower to endorse.

Republicans, stay loyal to your party! Vote Republican! Vote Randy Bower! Your Sheriff!

David Wells Sr.
“Enrolled Republican for 57 years”