Republican voter says Drennan most prepared to be next sheriff

Posted 31 October 2015 at 12:00 am


It has been a long, at times contentious, election season.

Living in a country which promotes the tenets of democracy, people are free to choose, which includes voting for elected officials. In spite of all the rhetoric, it still remains paramount that our opportunity to choose should not be demeaned.

Regardless of one’s party affiliation, no one should be locked into supporting the choice of the party, especially if a voter has done his/her due diligence and researched a candidate’s credentials.

An informed voter must be satisfied that the vote cast will be for a candidate who can best meet the needs of the office and those being served. Not everyone endorsed by a particular party is, in my research, the most competent and experienced candidate to be favored with my vote.

Through 50-plus years of voting, I have voted for the person most capable of fulfilling the duties of an office, regardless of party affiliation.

Vote, rise above party politics and expensive ads. Candidates should be vetted and selected by the voter.

“Experience Matters” is much more than a catchy phrase. It is the essence of a person’s ability to come prepared to do a job. Regardless of party affiliation or allegiance, a voter is free to choose. Isn’t that what the democratic process should be all about?

Chief Deputy Tom Drennan’s experience and ability to serve trumps party loyalty for this Republican voter.

Maureen Blackburn