Police officer says sheriff is critical job for community’s public safety

Posted 8 September 2015 at 12:00 am


I am a police sergeant and have lived in this community for the past 23 years. My employer does not allow me to make political endorsements however I am able to state facts.

Public safety is the most important aspect for a community. That goes part and parcel with professional service from our law enforcement officers. Look closely at the candidates and judge for yourself their qualifications because quite frankly the buck stops at the sheriff’s desk.

The undersheriff and chief deputy jobs are integral to the operation but the sheriff must have the requisite skills and experience to make important decisions and as well as to lead the organization. Throughout my career I have watched unqualified people being elevated to upper management positions. Without exception it has always ended with disastrous consequences for both the agencies and the communities.

If you ran your own campaign would you self promote or sling mud at your opponent? This truly speaks to character and a key tenet of law enforcement is integrity. You have it or you don’t. There is no middle ground.

I have much respect for my police union. They have negotiated my contracts, represented me admirably when I needed them and fought for my rights. With that being said they have not always represented my beliefs.

Police unions are run by elected officials that have the final say. Do not believe four union officials represent the views of the entire union or at times even the majority. It would be like saying the current president and vice president of the United States represent my views on Iran and Immigration Reform when in reality they don’t.

We, as a community, have a very important job on Sept. 10 and Nov. 3. We have a direct hand in what the Orleans County Sheriff’s Office will look like for at least the next four years. Look at the facts and judge for yourself, but most importantly get out and vote.

Brett Sobieraski