Personnel director says county never considered canceling workers’ compensation for wounded deputy

Posted 8 September 2015 at 12:00 am


The purpose of this letter is to set the record straight as it relates to the question of Deputy James DeFilipps’ Worker’s Compensation as discussed in his own letter to the editor published September 7, 2015.

As the department head that oversees the Orleans County worker’s compensation program and 207C (worker’s compensation for law enforcement officers), Deputy DeFilipps was approved and had his coverage in effect in full directly following the incident in question.

At no time was there any question whether his case would not be approved nor was there any consideration given to canceling after the approval had been given. The Chief Administrative Officer is the sole decision maker for initial determinations of 207C coverage and gave a verbal approval virtually immediately upon learning of the incident and what had happened to Deputy DeFilipps.

Any claims to the contrary are not consistent with the facts according to the worker’s compensation plan and 207C program at Orleans County.


John C. Welch, Jr.
Director of Personnel and Self Insurance
County of Orleans