Parkway is particularly rough near Kendall and Hamlin

Posted 24 June 2015 at 12:00 am


I just read the letter to the Editor about the condition of the Parkway. I used to use the Parkway but it has been falling apart. The worst part is between the Kendall Route 237 and Hamlin Beach Route 19 area, a 10-12 mile stretch.

The Parkway has been put on the bottom of the list of priorities by the person who has been running the DOT in Orleans County way too long. (The head person at the Orleans DOT is not from and does not live in Orleans County. That speaks for itself.)
Last year they shut it down for the winter between Lakeside Park at the west end to Route 98 and then boasted how much money they saved by not plowing and salting that stretch. What was the saved money spent on? Not road repairs!!

I hear that next winter the entire Orleans County section of the Parkway may close for the winter. What are they thinking?? Look at Route 31 and Route 31A – also in terrible disrepair. The only way to get the attention where it is needed is to go to Steve Hawley’s office with these concerns.

Robert VanWuyckhuyse