Ortt, SOS criticized for uninformed rhetoric

Posted 24 January 2016 at 12:00 am


Memo to our freshman Senator Rob Ortt:

Welcome to Albany. How does it feel to be disregarded by the second most powerful politico in the capital, Assembly Speaker Heastie? He didn’t abdicate his position. He dissed you for your opposition to a process he helped approve before you came to the State Senate. Maybe if you were to tone down your uninformed rhetoric, he will afford you the respect I personally think you deserve.

You have reinforced the empty hysteria of the S.O. S. cabal without much study of any of the “issues”. Their bogus “67 percent opposed” survey (and even the “survey” sent out by the Town of Yates) should be recognized for what it is: a propaganda piece by an exceptionally well-financed segment of the community.

An insular group that has become obsessed by the presence of windmills they may or may not be able to see out their back windows. It is fitting that the first round of “I’m from Albany, and I’m here to help” emissaries in the form of Administrative Law Judges, capped S.O.S.’s piece of the vetting pot to ten grand. That may be Albany’s last nod in your direction.

Don’t have a cow. Your grandkids will likely look through clearer skies at the windmill project and say, “Grandpa, we’re glad for what you did for the environment when you woke up and supported that project.”

Rob fear not the wind!

Ralph Smith