Mercy Flight wouldn’t be able to serve area near large wind turbines

Posted 5 October 2015 at 12:00 am


In addition to the many negative consequences that have been voiced regarding the siting of industrial wind turbines in Yates and Somerset, I am very concerned that these turbines will preclude Mercy Flight from being able to operate in our area.

Mercy Flight cannot land where there are wind turbines; The entire area will be inaccessible. Due to the size and placement of these turbines, many peoples’ lives will be at risk.

I have first-hand experience of the invaluable service that Mercy Flight provides; Nine years ago Mercy Flight helped to save my daughter’s life after a horrific boating accident on Chautauqua Lake.

Thankfully, Mercy Flight was able to land there and flew her to ECMC in Buffalo, where she immediately underwent the first of three surgeries. There is no doubt that their quick response and ability to quickly transport her to the hospital helped to save her life.

What will happen to serious accident victims in our area if this project proceeds and that life-saving option is unavailable? Our roads are well traveled with both residents and tourists and there is obviously a great deal of boat traffic.

The specter of future accident victims not having the life-saving option of Mercy Flight helping them when they need it truly makes me feel ill. I would hate to have anyone experience what we went through, but with Mercy Flight’s assistance, we still have our daughter.

Please consider this huge detriment, in addition to the other serious and negative consequences to our health, environment, wildlife and property values and oppose the siting of Lighthouse Wind in our area.

Donn Riggi