Medina Memorial provides quality medical care to Orleans County community

Posted 1 January 2016 at 12:00 am


The technical, financial, research and staffing resources to make it Johns Hopkins or Boston University Medical Center are not there. Nonetheless, Medina Memorial is a hospital that continues to serve the people of Orleans County well. It is also the only hospital in Orleans County.

We can have numerous services performed in Medina without traveling to Rochester, Buffalo, or even Brockport. These include such things as MRI’s, CT scans, colonoscopies and rehabs.

Our personal experiences with Medina Memorial Hospital have been as satisfactory as any under the circumstances that result in hospital visits. In two cases, emergency room staff, after evaluation, recognized the potential seriousness of a situation and had us transported to Strong Memorial and ECMC. That is as much as one could ask. In another case, a 90-year-old friend was admitted and successfully treated for a blood clot in her lung. Fran Nayman was treated for limb-threatening infection and released after a brief stay.

Without enumerating every case, it suffices to say that any admission likely results in more all-important visits from family and friends than more distant treatment would.

The experience of the family whose small child suffered an accident over Christmas Holiday was no doubt scary. Though common, emergency room waits anywhere can seem like eternities. When it happens to one of our own, we understandably prioritize it. The fact that everything worked out well speaks volumes for a facility that works for all of us.

Yes, I am on the Medina Hospital Foundation Board. My experiences with Medina Hospital are the main reason why I value the institution. I would note that the closing of Medina’s Behavioral Health unit means that anyone needing such services now must travel to Rochester, Buffalo, or Wyoming County to access them. Even if I had never known a positive experience with the facility, however, I would recognize its value to Orleans County residents.

Sincerely yours,

Gary F. Kent