Medina has too much to lose with dissolution

Posted 9 January 2015 at 12:00 am


I have been thinking about the upcoming vote to dissolve the Village of Medina, and I must admit that I have never liked this idea or the idea of consolidating governments. I believe this takes away personal pride for his or her own community.

I have been involved in emergency services for 55 years, and this is my concern: if the village dissolved, what will happen to the fire, ambulance and police departments? Will they be gone or completely restructured? Whether they are gone or are restructured, how will this save money?

Right now you have one of the best ambulance services in the state, run by your fire department, with well-trained personnel for both fighting fires and providing ambulance services, all with fast response times.

Think about a community the size of Medina, without a police department, trying to cover a much larger area. Yes, it can be done, but NOT without the efficiency and expediency you now receive.

Wherever we live, we want to live our lives and raise our families where we feel safe knowing we have a strong fire, ambulance and police services. We have that now in Medina. Don’t let it go.


David Green

(Green is the retired sheriff of Orleans County.)