Medina candidates seek support on March 15 election

Posted 1 March 2016 at 12:00 am


Village elections will be held Tuesday, March 15. There will be three candidates who will be on the ballot:

Mayor – Mike Sidari. For the last two years, Mike has had a great experience as a Village Trustee. Mike has quickly learned the interworking of local government, and has been pro-active in saving the taxpayer money. Being retired, he has the time to be readily available to all of the department heads, as well as to the residents of Medina.

Trustee – Marguerite Sherman. Marguerite has also had an enlightening experience as a Village Trustee for the last two years. Marguerite likes to investigate the issues that come before the board and makes conscientious decisions from the facts that are gathered.

Trustee – Tim Elliott. Tim is currently on the Village Planning Board and regularly attends Village Board meetings where he has readily shared many innovative ideas. Tim owns a local business on Main Street, along with several apartments in the village.

All three of us candidates are committed to serving the village. We believe that the Village is on the cusp of rejuvenation. Along with our two other current Village Board members, Todd Bensley and Owen Toale, we will work hard to improve the village.
Please show us your support in our efforts on March 15. Thank you.

Your Village Board candidates,

Michael Sidari – Mayor
Marguerite Sherman – Trustee
Tim Elliott – Trustee