Many step up to support 4-H program in Orleans County

Posted 26 April 2016 at 12:00 am


4-H Grows. This is the name of the campaign being run nationwide to grow the 4-H program and help increase awareness of 4-H and what it means to become a 4-Her. The current focus of the campaign is “Grow True Leaders.”

Thankfully our county is full of true leaders. April 23rd was the perfect example. That day on the fairgrounds youth participated in a horse show, sewing workshop, tabletop gaming club, ran a food stand, and held a roast beef dinner. That day 27 of our 4-H adult volunteers were onsite and working in partnership with youth to make sure they had the best possible learning experiences.

On the 23rd many youth showcased themselves as true leaders by helping peers, taking the lead on organizing a kitchen, selling tickets to the public or teaching a new game to the rest of the group. Our community is full of true leaders who also made donations and contributions to make these events happen. It’s wonderful to be able to say what happened on April 23rd isn’t out of the ordinary, in fact it’s so typical of 4-H events that sometimes it’s easy to forget how special a day like that is.

4-H grows. We always welcome new members to explore 4-H and find out if it’s right for you and your family. We’re also always looking for volunteers with skills or interests they would like to share, whether it be teaching a one-time workshop or starting a club for a group of youth. Thank you to those who have grown 4-H and for those who want to keep growing.

Robert Batt
Orleans County 4-H Educator