Many deserve thanks for working on Circle of Love Memorial Garden

Posted 16 July 2016 at 12:00 am


I wish to thank the Orleans Hub for providing a closure article to compliment your original article on the Circle of Love Memorial Garden. Your news coverage really helps the gap in local coverage!

I would also like to thank the the gals who pushed through and brought the Garden to completion. Your dedication was remarkable. Thank you for including me as the concept originator. I have to give credit to Tim Bensley, his wife and the Kid Corp! The young people who worked for Mr. Bensley did the majority of the heavy lifting, spreading and leveling stone and filling the gardens with dirt.

I would be remiss in not mentioning Ms. Hannah Pollard who organized and ran a large fund raiser to benefit the Garden, as well as, letting her business be a drop off point! Laura Fields created and maintained collection jugs in local businesses to raise money as well. Renee Lama for creating the labels for collection Jugs. Local businesses Medina Lumber for discounts on wood for entry way, Shelby Stone and Art Hill Construction for materials. Of course, Jenn Thom who got the charitable status for the Garden. Our plaque maker, JC, and goodness knows how many community members who gave change and more serious donations to make this Garden a reality. Lynn Stanley for the Angel and the late Irwin Mattoon for the birdhouse (currently occupied)!

It truly takes a community to undertake a project like this. There where hiccups, however, it is done and it is beautiful. Praise the Lord.

Dayton Hausman