Local officials cede too much control of turbine project to state

Posted 5 May 2015 at 12:00 am


Why does the Town of Yates concede home rule to the County or State with a project that primarily concerns landowners in the Town of Yates? This is a form of eminent domain without compensation for those landowners who will be impacted by its construction. Come on town officials stand with your constituents.

I have seen many landowners oppose this project based on facts and not emotion. I have seen little support other than Apex and our disconnected government agencies. It appears the money is difficult to resist and they don’t know history. The golden goose can die, ask Barker.

Did anyone see a bankruptcy coming at the Somerset Power Plant? Solyndra? The government subsidies can go away with a new administration and the turbines will sit idle like Somerset is now.

Why is wind a bad idea? It is bad because at a maximum it is only 23 percent efficient. That means 77 percent of the time the turbines are using fossil fuel. Only the government can leap before it looks.

I read that at a scheduled public planning meeting a Mr. Freeman who is appointed as a member by the Town of Yates, allowed no public comments at the meeting. I also understood that there was no discussion concerning a tower that was apparently approved previous to the meeting. Now that is planning and deciding without public input. There must have been pressure from some other direction. I wonder who?

I also understand that Mr. Freeman made the statement, “If you don’t like what we are doing, MOVE.” If this is true, I think the Town should apologize to the taxpayers and remove Mr. Freeman from his position.

This project should not go forward. Town officials should do all they can to stop this project. Let’s watch which way they go – with the people or with the money.

Ray Watt
Peachtree City, Ga.

Watt owns property in the Town of Yates.