Lighthouse Wind project has lots of support in community

Posted 7 June 2016 at 12:00 am


I want to apologize to Dave Belote personally for some of the disrespectful letters and personal attacks that I have read recently from Lighthouse Wind opposition.

I appreciated hearing from you about your service to our country and what led to you taking on a leadership role in helping the military move toward renewable energy sources, not just to cut down on greenhouse gases, but for the energy security of our military who are our largest energy consumers. As you pointed out, it’s a matter of energy security for our nation as well.

I want you to know that Lighthouse Wind has a lot of support in this area, some of our largest supporters are our farmers who are grateful for the opportunity to potentially farm a drought resistant crop that is wind. Our community has its roots in the agricultural industry and the Lighthouse Wind project will give our farming community a huge boost, not to mention potential revenue for our towns, counties and/or schools. Many of us see this for what it is – an economic boost in our changing world that can offer welcome economic stability.

I find it ironic that a recent letter writer pointed out that “I’d like my children’s children and theirs to know the same wonders (of Lake Ontario) that I do.” Well, I’d like our children and their children to have a cleaner world to live in, a slowing of climate change and a community that is made vibrant again by an economic shot in the arm that will come from the Lighthouse Wind project. I have found Apex Clean Energy staff very committed to environmental issues, and they recently brought their national wildlife expert to town to meet and answer questions as well.

Thank you again, Mr. Belote. And, please know that not all residents in Orleans County are as rude and disrespectful, but they sometimes make the most noise.

With appreciation,

Susan Campbell