Liberal failure led to rise of Donald Trump for president

Posted 22 March 2016 at 12:00 am


All these letters denouncing Donald Trump. Who are we kidding here? They come from mostly far left-leaning Democrats and moderate (liberal) Republicans.

I have always, since his days of running for Senate, been a supporter of Senator Ted Cruz . His fidelity to the constitution and taking on of the RINO and progressive establishment in the Senate has earned him my respect. He has not sold out like many of those elected do on their first day after they have taken and violated their oath of office. He is someone a majority of our local politicians could take a lesson from.

Some say that many Republicans won’t vote for Trump. I am not a Republican but if Senator Cruz does not get the nomination I will vote for Donald Trump because the alternative would be 4 more years of a declining economy, further mind-poisoning liberal progressive programs in our schools for our children, further expansion of corporate welfare and phony Wall Street projections, the welcome mat in our country to radical Muslim extremists and Illegal aliens. More radical leftists appointed to the Supreme Court instead of Constitutionalists. Not to mention the further growth of government and the potential complete loss of the Bill of Rights.

Progressives are just that dangerous.

Another progressive Democrat President would bring the total destruction and the completion of the fundamental transformation of America that was began by this present American president who has a deep hatred for this country as it was founded. His appointment of two radical America-hating leftists, Kagan and Sotomayor to the Supreme Court. His own cabinet full of racist, incompetent America-hating leftists and Czars. His blatant disregard for the constitution and laws of the land. His radical appointments to the unconstitutional alphabet agency’s that have been rammed down our throat from liberal progressive presidents like LBJ, Nixon, Carter, Bush Sr., Clinton, W Bush and Hussein Obama himself.

We really have had some lousy presidents in my life time and since the turn of the last century. That’s why we have Donald Trump.

I read a letter recently asking Republicans (or RINOS in this county) to denounce Trump. (Sorry but you have to be a RINO to endorse Collins and Ortt.) Where is the call from Democrats to denounce Hillary Clinton?

One progressive friend of mine thinks she would be the right person for the job. (Yes I have some wonderful but misguided friends.) Hillary has as deep a hatred for this country. A Liar. A race hustler and a complete incompetent. You want to talk about an opportunist. She allowed her husband to create a sexually uncomfortable atmosphere in the White House. Turning her back and a blind eye to advance her career.

She has been a corrupt and seedy politician all the way from Arkansas to her carpetbagger run for the NY Senate to one of the worst secretaries of state in US history. Riding her shameful husband’s coat tails for power. Leaving four brave men to die in Benghazi, her classified email scandal as of late explained with the typical Clinton mincing of words. Lie, Lie, Lie. She’s in the pockets of the big banks and Wall Street.

Her whole campaign is based on racial division lies, and freebies. Her history of corruption is long and deep. She belongs in jail in the general population.

The left has so broken this country. Everything that is wrong with this country is directly related to liberal and progressive policy over the last 100 years. In our schools, our children and teachers minds are poisoned, in our institutions, in our organizations, in our political system. In every nook and cranny of society the cancer of progressivism, liberalism and political correctness has polluted minds and hearts. That is why you have a Donald Trump.

The people of this country that works and pay the bills are tired of being stepped on. Told how to think. Blamed for everything from environmental to income inequalities and everything else. Called selfish and greedy if they work harder than others and archive. Call racist if they speak their mind. Called a homophobe if they disagree with the forcing of others lifestyle upon them. Tired of having to accept things they know are wrong. Called heartless if you don’t continually turn your pockets inside out for those in government and those who expect you to subsidize them or won’t work. Called hateful because radical Muslims have completely change how we move around in our own country and people that illegally sneak over our boarders to take advantage of what the politicians steal from us.

The thinking people need to unite around which ever of the top two Republican candidates gets the nomination. Because if Hillary or Bernie win we won’t have a country resembling anything that the founders envisioned. It’s almost gone already.

The progressive powers that be are just waiting for us over 40 to die off. They can’t change us but they can wait us out. The progressives have gotten the minds of most under 30 years old and many very educated and weak-minded elders.

Worse yet, our elected officials. Many call themselves Republican. This may be the last chance to start to restore America. Let’s leave a better country for the unborn. We owe them that.

No more progressives in any party. No more Democrats elected to anything. They don’t even hide who they are anymore. At least RINO Republicans try to hide their liberal ways till they get elected and their seat is safe. We are a country in decline.

Paul Lauricella Jr.