Legislature candidate says county can do more to fight welfare fraud

Posted 1 October 2015 at 12:00 am


A very serious, important issue I would like to discuss is welfare fraud. It has been a real problem in this county.

You work hard, you play by the rules. Like most of us, you struggle to make ends meet, pay your bills, and your outrageous school and property taxes. Even with all that, you don’t mind helping out those who are less fortunate, down on their luck.

Most of the people needing assistance are grateful and do what they can to get off and on with their life in an upward mobility once they are back on their feet.

There are those out there though that will take advantage of your kindness and generosity – those who will defraud the system for personal gain. Collecting benefits while working off the books or making false income claims. The use of the EBT card then selling food items meant for children and family for cash in the parking lot of your local grocers for half the value or less. The list they will stoop to is long. The predators are always coming up with new ways to defraud the system.

The county has been going after these welfare cheats and making arrests. I believe more can be done. I will work with the next sheriff in any way to try to further go after those who would take advantage of the peoples’ generosity. The savings could result in the high 7 figures and should be returned to the taxpayers in a form of a tax cut – not go in the general budget. I will try to work to see to that.

We must always take care of those who truly can not care for themselves: the elderly, the disabled. We should also give help to those who are working but at times can’t afford basic needs.

The way the system is now if you make a few dollars to much you can not get any temporary help. This does not make sense. We should do anything we can to make welfare the less attractive option especially for those holding a job with the dignity to go to work every day.

Paul Lauricella Jr.
Conservative Party candidate for County Legislature District 2