Lauricella vows to keep up fight after losing election for county legislator

Posted 11 November 2015 at 12:00 am


This is not going to be your typical letter from a candidate that lost an election. This is not my first run and I am not new to politics.

Stepping up and speaking out at government should be something that every citizen should do regularly, along with running at least once in their lifetime.

The founders set up a system where the average man or woman could go be an elected representative of their constituents pretty easy, especially at the local level. The intent was to be for a short time. Then go back to whatever they were doing in their life. Not make a career out of it.

With that said. Thank you to all of you who “Got It” and cast your vote for change. I espoused conservative principals throughout my campaign. I let people know where I stood. Unfortunately the best candidate does not always win. It is apparent in some of the elections in this county.

Committees that continue to endorse RINO candidates, ignore their voting records, and keep these stale dinosaurs as heads of the towns, county, and villages – election cycle after election cycle – are a big part of the problem.

Voter Sloth is another. Those of you who are tired of the process should become a free-thinking committee member in your local party. That will allow you to buck the establishment choice. That’s how you get the best candidates. That is how you term-limit these Incumbents that linger on long after their useful shelf life to become the problem they initially ran against.

There are too many people worried about losing their piece of the pie if things change and too many people getting things from the taxpayers and I’m not talking about the poor. Truth.

There are no congratulations to my opponent. I ran to defeat her and her progressive big government agenda. 552 people did their best to see that happen on the Conservative Line. That’s pretty darn good for a county that votes RINO as its majority. It didn’t happen. No sweat. I was over it seconds after I found out the results.
Losing another election is nothing compared to what I have lost in my life. The fight for change is bigger than any one person. Many great ideas were put forth in the campaigns. Will the Legislature act upon them?

The people who really lost are the people of this county that returned a big spending progressive back for another two years. The voting record does not lie.

This has been a fun experience. I enjoyed it. I even enjoyed all the mudslinging. Politics is a contact sport. Those who supported me should know that I will continue to fight city hall and who knows what the future will present.

Paul Lauricella Jr.