Landowner sees wind turbines as opportunity for community

Posted 5 June 2016 at 12:00 am


Although I am not a resident of Orleans County, I reside in Somerset and have researched wind power extensively. Clean energy is the wave of the future. We can no longer depend on coal or oil, or even natural gas, if it means ruining the environment. I was excited to hear that Barre is considering a wind farm in Orleans County. The majestic turbines will be lovely for those driving along your country roads.

I have signed with Apex to allow wind turbines in my area. Apex had studied the existing wind permits and then approached Somerset residents. Anti-wind people began creating an uproar and demanded the town change its requirements. After Apex began getting signatures for those who want wind turbines, Somerset changed its law to thwart Apex. I found this as very unfair and an insult.

Wind and solar are the new green energies. We need both. All scientists say that we cannot continue with fossil fuels. Fracking sends methane gas into the atmosphere in addition to creating health hazards and causing earthquakes. Wind power uses fresh air to create power. Scientists study for years in college, and all the while they are working AS SCIENTISTS. Why do so many people doubt their findings? It makes no sense.

I am urging you to welcome the wind turbines and show that you can’t be swayed by a group of naysayers who do not have science degrees. I would be glad to share information I have researched with anyone who has doubts. I could meet them at Lighthouse Wind office in Barker.

I have signed on with Apex, not because I am money-hungry or any of the other things Save Ontario Shores (SOS) has accused us of. I have been hoping that wind power would come here for years. Now we’ve been offered this wonderful opportunity and people are trying to take it away. Please don’t do the same.

Thank you,

Avis Townsend