Kasich rally a refreshing reminder of what politics should be

Posted 11 April 2016 at 12:00 am


This past Saturday, I attended John Kasich’s rally at the Greece Community Center. This was the first presidential rally I have ever attended, and one I am proud to say I was able to be a part of. Nearly 3,000 people came to see Governor Kasich, with some supporters traveling hours to stand in line outside the venue, waiting in the freezing cold to get inside.

While I was trying to keep warm in line, I noticed a couple of high school boys were behind me. A man asked if they were old enough to vote, and they said no, but they just wanted to hear what all of the candidates had to say. The boys had already attended the Hillary Clinton event on Friday in Rochester.

I also saw a number of older people there as well, in addition to young adults like myself. It was inspiring to see so many individuals standing in line to hear Governor Kasich, and become involved in determining the outcome of next Tuesday’s primary race.

After standing for an hour by the small stage set up for Governor Kasich, the Governor finally ran out and addressed the crowd. He spoke calmly, without shouting, to tell personal stories and discussed his ideas on a variety of topics including jobs, mental illness, the war on terror, and higher education. Unlike some other candidates, Kasich did not make insulting comments to women, overtly criticize other candidates or yell at protestors who voiced their opposition.

Governor Kasich’s campaign is a reminder that even as politics become uglier and more distasteful, a positive campaign can still be run. I would be proud to have John Kasich as the next president of the United States, and I believe that his bipartisan efforts would help unify our country once again.

Kristina Martin