Hillary Clinton outshines other candidates with skills to be president

Posted 15 April 2016 at 12:00 am


A handful of your readers may be interested in these observations.

Thirteen years into my experience with politics in Orleans County, I have vicariously experienced an indication that things are becoming less civil. Three Hillary Clinton signs placed in front yards on East Avenue have been trashed or stolen. It isn’t the $60 cost; it is the disrespect of free speech and property rights that is most disappointing. One of the victims was a 104 year old, registered Republican lady who asked for her sign.

I wonder how Donald Trump would react if, after becoming a baseball coach, he found out that games are decided by both “unearned” runs as well as “earned” runs. Would he pitch a fit if he lost a game in which his opponent scored four unearned runs to his team’s three earned runs?

How new to basic civics is the Trump family? Under long-standing New York Election Law, two of Donald’s grown children cannot vote for their father in Tuesday’s primary. Were they not registered at all, or were they not registered Republicans?

Can you imagine the hissy fit that Donald will throw once he finds out that Presidents are chosen by Electoral College votes rather than popular votes?

Trump has thrown out so much nonsense in the past few months that it is impossible to keep up with it. When he commented about the size of Marco Rubio’s ears, I could not believe that no one thought to inform him that the size of Abraham Lincoln’s ears did not stop him from being one of our greatest Presidents.

Then there is Bernie Sanders. There is a lot to admire about him, no doubt. But his tone has gotten really sour. He claims that Hillary Clinton is under a lot of pressure. My take is that Bernie is the one feeling the heat. He has energized a huge fan base and is realizing that he could come up short after working very hard and doing so well.

After 2008, Hillary Clinton knows the feeling. But it has dawned on him that he may not make it. That is hard to swallow and may explain his increasingly cantankerous tone. By the way, many of Sanders’ pledged delegates were chosen by caucuses attended by people who are more like the members of the Orleans Democratic Committee than your typical registered Democrats.

Once again, Hillary Clinton is not her husband and should not be faulted for his shortcomings. I remain convinced that she is the best suited candidate to be President.

Sincerely yours,

Gary Kent