Gary & Denise’s Fischer’s Newsroom

Posted 4 September 2015 at 12:00 am

A poem by Debra L. Tokotch

It is hard to believe that Gary and Denise,
As of January 2015 had owned Fischer’s Newsroom for 20 years;
They also had done many changes to the place as those years went on by,
Even though many things were challenging them by a mile.

Denise had kept track of the bookkeeping for their accountant,
Also helping out at the store when she could;
Gary put in many hours daily, keeping the stock maintained,
And ordering things from their vendors the best that he could.

They have had many people help them over the years,
Like Anita, Kathy, Stacy, Tina, Larry, Missy, and Brian to name a few;
But there were two people who have stuck it through thick and thin like Mo and Diane,
And now recently Ashley which Gary hired to help him cut his hours to get him through.

They all took turns in keeping things stocked up,
Like Pokeman cards, magazines, newspapers, cigarettes, and lottery cards;
They also had pop, ice cream, candy, candy bars, and various gums,
All of which brought in a variety of customers.

Some of the customers were regulars like Wayne, Chris and Debbie,
Others were ones that stopped in as they passed on by;
All of them were sure glad when they did,
Because Gary would socialize and sometimes tell a joke that he had on his mind.

After Denise passed of a sudden illness in February of 2015,
Things were never the same;
It seemed like various things were always somehow missing,
And to stay open and try to do things the same was not meant to be.

For this reason Gary has found a new job,
In which he thinks he will be able to start a new life;
He will be delivering medical supplies for a hospital,
Which will give him some better hours, no holidays to work, and some different friends.

I want to wish him good luck on his journey,
But also do want him to know;
That many of us will miss him dearly,
But wish him the best as he goes.