Gaines town supervisor deserves credit, not criticism, for efforts with town government

Posted 30 July 2015 at 12:00 am


The failure of the Republican Committee in the Town of Gaines to grant their party’s endorsement to Gaines Town Supervisor Carol Culhane is evidence of confusion (i.e.) lack of Republican “Principle and Ideals,” poor leadership, and certainly a “party over the people” mentality. Anyway, the Gaines Town Clerk is more important to the Republican Committee than are the Gaines taxpayers.

By initiating an audit of Gaines town business and practices, which hadn’t been done in about seven years, Supervisor Culhane’s auditors uncovered acts and misdeeds that certainly did not benefit the taxpaying citizens of Gaines.

Supervisor Culhane has definitely been working toward a better path fiscally and openly for the Town of Gaines government. I don’t believe that the lack of the Gaines Republican Committee’s endorsement will deter her from her original intent of putting Gaines back on the right track.

Supervisor Carol Culhane has support “Posse” in her community, but all of the Gaines citizens should realize that her efforts are for their benefit, with her neither asking for, or expecting, anything in return.

Now, Fast Track Back to the Gaines Town Board meeting, and recorded minutes thereof, on April 14, 2015, and the “Privilege of the Floor” segment, with all of the following information on the Town of Gaines website.

At this meeting, according to the minutes, there were three people who spoke negatively about the way in which Supervisor Culhane and the Town Board distributed information about the offenses of the town clerk to the Orleans County and Town of Gaines residents. Of the three people, two had been involved with town government, and one is currently in Orleans County government.

These degrading and disparaging remarks directed toward Supervisor Culhane by these three individuals were apparently brought on by the letter regarding the current Gaines Town Clerk that was “acknowledged by all of the town board members,” and appeared on the Orleans Hub, in the Batavia Daily News, and the town newsletter included in the water bills.

According to Bill Lattin, former Gaines Supervisor, said he lives or has tried to live by the Golden Rule of “Do Unto Others as You would have them Do Unto You.”

Someone should explain that to the town clerk since I don’t believe that the taxpayers of Gaines done to her what she had done to them.

Lorraine Oakley, former town of Gaines Town Board member, agreed with Mr. Lattin, and said she would also add bullying. Not to be outdone, Susan Heard, current Orleans County treasurer, chimed in with “the letter was mean spirited, and seems like bullying.”

There are many people in the county wondering how the Gaines Town Clerk can still be occupying that position after the audit brought to light her less than honest actions.

Heard wanted to know if the Town Board approves the clerk’s information for payment, and signs her checks. Supervisor Culhane stated that she signs the checks. Ever hear of trust? After a long time period, the Town Board most likely didn’t go over the clerk’s figures for payment with a “fine tooth comb.” I would have to imagine that practice has changed.

Heard also stated that the letter pertaining to the town clerk was “old news” from a couple of years ago. In my opinion, and others, the news will never get old until after the town clerk position is vacated by the current individual.

Hopefully these three individuals are not entertaining any future political aspirations, with their comments being 180 degrees out of whack. I know, I wouldn’t need their representation.

Gaines Republicans who sick and tired of your committee ought to think about circulating your own petitions and be your own person by not having to answer to the political hierarchy.

People who know the team of Carol and Jerry Culhane know how the Culhanes work for the betterment of the Gaines town people, Orleans County, Hospice, numerous churches, hospitals, veterans organizations and hospitals, and scores of other entities, with volunteering, abilities, and personal resources. How many can say that they are as commited?

These are my own opinions, and not expressed by, or for the Orleans County Conservative Party!

Allen Lofthouse

Editor’s note: Mr. Lofthouse is chairman of the Orleans County Conservative Party.