Councilmans letter about Lighthouse Wind shouldn’t be considered official town position on project

Posted 22 June 2016 at 12:00 am


This letter is in regard to Mr. Riggi’s latest Letter to the Editor on the Orleans Hub.  I noticed that same letter was filed on to the Department of Public State Docket on behalf of the Town of Yates. (Click here to see letters on Public Service website about Lighthouse Wind.)

Was this truly a statement from the Town Board?  Did the Town Board pass a resolution to post this opinion as that of the Town of Yates?

It seems Mr. Riggi is using his status as town councilman to serve his personal opinion and agenda rather than the people of the town, his constituents. This is entirely inappropriate.

The role of a councilperson is to represent the town as a whole, but only through decisions made by a majority of town board members.

As a taxpayer, I sincerely hope Mr. Riggi is not presenting statements on behalf of the town without working with the council as a whole. Correction needs to be made to the Department of Public Service website to clarify if that is a personal opinion, if the board did not vote on this before it was posted.


Howard Pierce