Former Medina BOE members state support for 3 candidates

Posted 9 May 2016 at 12:00 am


We are former members of the Medina Central School District Board of Education who continue to be concerned with the direction and health of our school district.

We can easily recall Medina CSD once being a highly ranked district within the county. The demographics of the district are not all that different from others in the area – poverty levels, graduation rates or student absenteeism. Leadership is key to addressing the challenging issues facing our schools and regaining our position of excellence.

Medina CSD is fortunate to now have in Mr. Jeffrey Evoy a superintendent who has a very diverse background in education and knows the importance of residing in the district he serves. As former board members, we experienced the difficulty of having open recruitment and properly vetting candidates.

We believed that the students, staff and community would be best served by having a transparent, accountable process and fought hard to assure everyone’s interests were heard and respected. In short, we were not willing to settle for ‘business as usual’ when it came to the oversight of our school district.

Also, we were fortunate to have had a business administrator, Mr. Alan Getter, who began to rebuild our depleted reserve funds. It is through his initial efforts to address numerous financial issues that (we newer) board members became acutely aware of the questionable oversight which had gone unchecked for some time.

When Mr. Getter was questioned, he respectfully answered or researched an issue so that accurate information was available. This was not only necessary but a refreshing change from ‘business as usual’. It is fair to say we spent far too much time cleaning up mismanaged issues and too many surprise situations which were not dealt with in a timely or professional manner.

Board members are entrusted with the responsibility of representing the entire community. Special interests, an agenda or a desire to promote ‘friends and family’ hiring practices have no place in board oversight. The best qualified personnel, thoroughly vetted, build a quality educational environment.

For so many reasons and from our past experience on the board, we support and endorse the candidacy of Wendi Pencille, Lori Draper and Brenda Lindsay.

Each brings varied experience to the board. Wendi and Lori are hard-working current board members, and Brenda, with a strong background in finance, has served as a community member of the board’s audit/finance committee for several years. Brenda has been an excellent asset when reviewing financial issues. The community will be well served by each of these candidates.

Wendi, Lori and Brenda are committed to independent, open-minded representation. They are not supported by any specific organization or union. Board members must represent the best interests of the entire community; students, staff and taxpayers.
Leadership must be honest, trustworthy and fair. Vote on Tuesday, May 17th.

Former Medina BOE members,

Susan Squires
Maureen Blackburn
Rosalind Lind