Election is over but mudslinging continues

Posted 4 November 2015 at 12:00 am


It’s finally over. Ballots cast, counted and Bower won.

There were many that showed up to vote. However, when you look at the population of Orleans County compared to the number of casted votes, it is sad.

I think many people were disgusted with the whole thing and just stayed out. While I totally understand where they are coming from; history shows that a laissez-faire attitude towards politics is how we suddenly find ourselves stuck with things like the SAFE Act, misappropriation of welfare benefits, politicians making more than military members, etc.

If we as a nation just allow things to happen then we have no right to complain when they do. This is bigger than a local political race, this is happening with everything from a sheriff’s election to the presidential election.

It saddens me when voter turnout is less than the lines to go black Friday shopping. I get people are overwhelmed with what to believe, I get people are sick of the bantering, I get people are sick of the mudslinging. But we do have a voice and people need to realize that not standing up, not debating, not caring because everything will still go on the next day is not going to solve anything.

That being said, this election brought out the best and the worst in people. I look back at the comments, posts, letters to the editor – some filled with positives, some filled with negatives.

People’s integrity, morals, beliefs all attacked because they didn’t support the candidate others thought they should. The name-calling, lies, misdirected anger, non-factual statements was a disgusting display from both sides of the election.

Passion is one thing but passion should be supported with compassion. The ridiculousness of it all was down right embarrassing. One would think that now it is over people would bow out gracefully and become part of the solution.

As I read through social media, the disgust I had is still present. Can’t it just be accepted that we need to now move forward? Why must people, inside and outside of Orleans County, continue this disgusting display of moral ineptitude?

Diane Wood