Writer urges support for candidates who back SAFE Act

Posted 28 October 2014 at 12:00 am


Facts the extreme gun crowd won’t tell you:

Polls continue to show 90 percent of New Yorkers, including a majority of NRA members, support background checks.

Eight American children are killed every day by guns.

Two-thirds of New Yorkers support the SAFE Act, and DO NOT want it repealed.

The SAFE Act has withstood legal tests in state and federal courts.

The SAFE Act remains the law of New York.

The SAFE Act keeps assault weapons with large ammo capacity out of the hands of cop killers and first responder killers.

The Second Amendment has never allowed, nor was it intended to allow unlimited rights to obtain all manner of weapons.

I urge all registered voters to check your candidate’s position on the SAFE Act and vote for those who favor it and common sense gun laws.

Thank you,

Al Capurso
Member of New Yorkers Against Gun Violence (nyagv.org)