Writer responds to Legislator Johnson’s letter

Posted 21 June 2013 at 12:00 am

Dear Editor:

Regarding Legislator Lynne Johnson’s statement on the nursing home That sounded like she was giving The Villages acknowledgement as well as a “thank you” for the care of her father-in-law. Could the rest of our community have that same chance if the time comes or will she participate in trying to sell our opportunity?

Johnson suggested our population is under 50,000.  She thinks we are too insignificant to work on this matter and should just privatize The Villages. And if Orleans County taxpayers want to be among the 6 percent of “locally owned nursing homes” we can’t or shouldn’t be?

You don’t seem to mind that our small county pays you well for a part-time job with benefits that allow you to be in any nursing home you might desire.  Does the money the legislators think they are saving go back to pay higher administrator’ salaries?  What did happen to the funds ‘saved’ with the cuts from mental health? Did those clients matternot very many of them?

Orleans County taxpayers want you as well as the other legislators to represent them. Listen to what they are saying. Find solutions like fixing “A” and “B” wings so they can bring in some money. When will that happen?  After some owners from another state take it over? We are aware of what privatizing is doing to Orchard Manor. Are you?

Grace Denniston’s letter (May 29th)
The Office of the Inspector General of the Health & Human Services Department reported: “For-profit SNF’s (skilled nursing facilities) were far more likely than nonprofit or government SNF’s to bill for expensive levels of care, raising concerns about the validity of the claims.”

McKnight’s Long-Term Care News stated: “Nursing Homes owned by private investors and other types of for-profit operators had more total deficiencies than homes run by public companies, according to a new report.”

Are The Villages the sacrificial lamb because the other departments working at a loss can’t be cut? Don’t we have a right to know how money we get later from the Medicaid and Medicare affects the loss? Have you seen the demonstrators in the snow, sleet and, rain? Signs across the county: SAVE THE VILLAGES! Letters to the news media with facts and figures are not responded to. There is no way to solve a problem if you do not work on it. The community wants the chance to vote on the issue. Do our legislators not want to let us vote?

Grace Kent
Albion, NY