Writer maintains private firm would be good nursing home operator

Posted 3 July 2013 at 12:00 am


I wrote what I thought was an observational note on the pending sale of the county nursing home. It was answered by an individual who made me think of someone who I greatly admire. Ronald Reagan, speaking about liberals, once said, “The trouble with our liberal friends is not that they are ignorant; they just know so much that isn’t so.” I do not know this individual’s political leaning, but the sentiment applies.

His personal theories were stated as fact; false assumptions were made then built upon and I have to question some of the conclusions arrived at in this circuitous manner.

A few notes and observations. I have NEVER read “frequently asked questions” at the county website. I DO trust the stewardship of the present county legislators based not upon naivety but upon the leadership they exhibit in most of their actions. Outlining and trying to reduce state mandates comes to mind. I presently have a 91-year-old loved one in assisted living. I am loathe to distribute personal information but statements that are not true need to be corrected.

Having said that, if an individual can be so wrong at the beginning of an editorial, what must we conclude about the rest of it? Making a declarative statement does not insure its accuracy or veracity. If memory serves, Wimpy continually stated that he would gladly pay Popeye next Tuesday for a hamburger today. I doubt if Popeye saw dollar one. Nevertheless, Wimpy kept on making statements of a declarative nature.

I do not know if this fella is a nursing home administrator, but he put out a lot of technical detail. At one point he stated that we have county specialists who insure that we can provide services economically. I feel compelled to point out that if this were true, we would not be engaged in a countywide discussion on the nursing home’s future. There was a repeated implication that private firms are not to be trusted. I have no idea why. Private firms run a large percentage of the nursing homes across the nation. I also could not help but notice a negative emphasis on the word “profit.” This fella has to be enjoying the profit produced by either self-employment, or produced by a firm that employs, has employed or is providing a pension to him.

I digress. My point in asking for a slot in the letters to the editor section is to correct misstatements made about me personally. It amazed me that, although incorrect, this individual knew what was in my mind, the minds of the legislators, the minds of the employees of the yet unannounced private nursing home operator, the minds of county residents and even the minds of the dedicated county employees presently working at the nursing home. I am amazed he can keep all these “facts” straight.

It bears repeating: The nursing home is not going anywhere (subject to the dictates of Obamacare). Patient care regulations that apply now, will apply in the future. Private providers are better at managing money than the county or any governmental agency for that matter. Competent, knowledgeable, concerned employees, whether public or private, are competent, knowledgeable, concerned employees. Orleans County will have oversight regarding any decisions made by a private firm.

Thank you editor for this second bite at the apple,

Paul J. Blajszczak
Medina, NY