State can’t legislate common sense with guns, morality

Posted 7 October 2014 at 12:00 am


While I applaud Al Capurso’s concern for the innocents, I feel that his point of view is misrepresented in his support for the SAFE Act. (SAFE Act protects public and doesn’t infringe on Second Amendment, published on Oct. 3, 2014.)

Mr. Capurso asks about the rights of those innocents that are gunned down mercilessly. He asks, “What about their rights?” Well, truth be told, their rights mean ABSOLUTELY NOTHING … to the CRIMINALS that perpetrate such atrocities!

The ONLY ones impacted by the SAFE Act are the law-abiding gun owners! Are we really expected to think that a gun-toting maniac, with an intent to wreak both havoc and terror, will “reconsider” perpetrating such an act, because he or she CANNOT carry more than a specified number of rounds … “LEGALLY”?

Has there been so much as one gang related shooting that we read about almost daily in Buffalo or Rochester newspapers that has been prevented, simply because the shooter did not have a “legal” handgun, or a permit to carry such a weapon?

Mr. Capurso, like you, I am also VERY concerned about the very same innocents that you mention. However, I disagree with you as to who the “enemy” is here. Law-abiding gun owners everywhere are just as concerned (if not more!) than you are over the heinous crimes that you cite because it casts an unsavory opinion of gun owners like myself! In other words, those who have no intent to commit a crime, do not need the SAFE Act to “regulate” our moral obligation as gun-owning citizens!

Awhile back, I watched Gov. Andrew Cuomo cry out very vehemently to “Stop the madness!” Well, I agree! Would you care to hear “my” opinion of madness? How about the gun amnesty program? This is where government agencies actually pay people for turning in their illegal weapons, as a means of “getting them off the streets.” In the process, they have created a market for gun thieves! Simply steal a weapon, wait for “gun amnesty day” and then turn in the guns that you stole for drug money or some other illegal purpose! Now that’s madness!

Mr. Capurso, the answer is NOT in creating laws, nor even in enforcing them. If this were the case, we would have no domestic violence. We would have no drug problem. Neither would we have an underage drinking or smoking problem! After all, do we not already have laws on the books that govern such issues?

In “my” opinion, the answer lies in teaching our children at a very young age something called “moral responsibility” and this can ONLY be taught them by practicing it ourselves!

I could write another letter citing the language that I hear being used in public, or simply the self-centered attitudes that adults demonstrate to their (and our) children on a daily basis. I believe that the answer lies in our citizens demonstrating something called “personal responsibility” for the actions we take each and every day, sir.

Let’s remember all the “innocents,” but let us also identify those who threaten their (and our) rights. More importantly than that, however, is that we carefully consider, not only the “rights” of individuals, but rather what is RIGHT for society as a whole!

I believe that a cartoon character created by Walt Kelly named Pogo, said it best many years ago: “We has met the enemy … and they is us!” One cannot “legislate” common sense, morality, nor consideration for others. Those qualities must come from within ourselves. Wouldn’t you agree?

God bless America!

Neil J. Samborski