Seniors are unfairly asked to bear budget cuts

Posted 11 June 2013 at 12:00 am


As a long-time member of Orleans County, I feel the senior citizens of this county are getting cheated every day. First the closing of Lakeside Hospital in Brockport means those of us in eastern Orleans have to travel to Rochester for tests, outpatient or inpatient care. This is hard on the patient, the ambulance crews, and family members who must commute many miles to be with their loved one at a critical time.

Now they also want to take away our access to the County Nursing Home.  My mother spent the last three months of her life at the Villages of Orleans and received exceptional care.  The attendants were always friendly, made extra effort to help her adjust and add to her comfort. There is no way she could have afforded a private care facility.

Now my husband and I face the problems of aging bodies. Where will we go for care if that becomes necessary?  It certainly seems short-sighted to save a few dollars on the operation of the county facility and then have to make up big money to keep people in a private facility.

Why are the senior citizens who have supported Orleans County with their tax dollars and contributions for so many years, being singled out to bear all the budget cuts.  From Social Security to Medicare to our community facilities, cuts are aimed at the people who can least afford the losses.  Please rethink this foolish plan.

Joan Purvee
Holley, NY