Resident questions actions at Hoag Library

Posted 20 October 2014 at 12:00 am


After more than a century of providing library service to the Albion area, we were blessed, through the generosity of numerous donors, with the construction of a brand-new building in 2012.

The entire community takes pride in this new structure. Hoag Library is one of the most visible buildings in the village. But alas, things are not happy within this architectural gem in our midst. For whatever reason, it seems that the Library’s Board of Directors has chosen to “take a different course” in how to operate a library.

The first order of business was to harshly dismiss the long-standing director. The heartless and undignified method in which this took place led, in large part, to the resignation of a very valuable, and hard-to-replace, administrative assistant. Two days after the hiring of a new director, a 28-plus year employee left. Shortly thereafter, a 30-some year employee was “dismissed for insubordination.”

Other staff members have since tendered their resignation. The Friends of the Library group is so upset with the situation that they’re on the verge of disbanding. I’ve heard that some of the residents who pledged in support of the Capital Campaign for the new construction are withholding payment.

In a small community such as Albion great pride is taken in small accomplishments – WE raised the money to build the new library building – WE have one of the best public facilities in western New York – WE provide library service second-to-none, etc.

The current administration seems determined to undermine the countless accomplishments made by the staff that they’re presently getting rid of.

To the residents of the Albion library region I suggest (if you’re as concerned as I am ) you attend the monthly board meetings (held on the second Wednesday of each month at 7 p.m.) to voice your disapproval of the STATE OF THE LIBRARY.


Joseph A. Gehl
Albion Betterment Committee