Reader has ideas to boost Orleans County

Posted 29 May 2013 at 12:00 am


My husband and I own a family cottage on Hanlon Road in Waterport on Lake Alice. We live in San Diego, Calif., but most of our family is in Waterport so we are there frequently throughout the year.

We read the articles on “Come Back Orleans” and it was very interesting because we were wondering ourselves what would it take to inspire the area for growth. My husband commented: “Fish Ladder.” Putting a fish ladder on Oak Orchard River at the dam site would enable salmon to swim upstream and jump, creating a spectacular scene that fishermen and conservationists would relish!

And all I thought of was a decent coffee house, a skate park for kids, and live music at the Farmers Market.

I would love to be involved in any organization that would help promote that. We have faith in the county that commerce will come back to Orleans County.

Robin Borrelli
Waterport, NY