Public shows apathy with nursing home issue

Posted 24 April 2013 at 12:00 am


I have watched the drama of Villages of Orleans unfolding for over two years. This letter is not in fact to talk about the sale of the home. Rather it is to talk about supporting the cause.

I have attended every “Concerned Citizen” meeting, legislator meeting, the new steering committee meeting and picketed the county building supporting the friends and family who not only work there but seek medical treatment there as well.

I must say I am shocked at the low turn-out to these events. I understand that people are busy, but what is of more value to you and your community?  The Walking Dead season finale is such a hot topic people are spending days preparing for parties and after-parties for a television show. Meanwhile people can’t afford 45 minutes to hear financial facts regarding the care of the county infirm, the tax impact as well as the general governing of this area.

One of the most common answers I receive when I ask people what they are thinking is “Who cares, I don’t make a difference anyway.”

I am here to say one person does make a difference.

The second response I get is “People are scared. Scared for their jobs and afraid the county legislators will exact personal revenge.”

This is pure speculation in my opinion as I have never experienced it firsthand. If in fact this county is being run by thugs with a racketeering tendency people have a right to know this. There are legal actions that should be taken and any alleged threats will be dealt with accordingly.

Your voice was meant to be heard. If in fact you are too busy or too frightened to express yourself, please stop complaining. It seems the only time people are happy is when things go the exact way they would like. I do not envy the decisions the local government must make. They make those decisions without support from the community, without attendance or feedback from the community. The meeting halls are empty until a personal agenda is in question. Then, instead of helping form policies, the citizens turn out with contempt.

In a world of the Internet, video games, long work hours and having kids, we have lost the drive and ability to work with our local government. As well the local government has taken action without appropriate time allotments or consideration of the general population. Whatever the outcome of the nursing home, it is my wish that we all take the time to educate ourselves and be involved. Constructive criticism as well as active participation will propel us much farther than empty threats, angry words and untactful jokes on both sides of the issue.

Angelo Pate
Albion, NY