Nursing home dietary staff members have ‘special bond’ with residents

Posted 26 April 2013 at 12:00 am


We are dietary staff currently employed by The Villages of Orleans, some of us having worked here over 30-plus years. In all that time, we have watched and learned about the residents, not only fulfilling their dietary needs, but taking the time to listen to their problems, hopes, fears and wishes.

The public needs to understand that we, as employees, not only have a job to do, but we hold a special bond with our residents as well. We are considered a family, and we treat each other as such, with kindness and respect.

Some of our residents have no one else to depend on, except the staff they see every day. We hold their trust, calm their fears, hold hands and wipe noses.

Not only do we provide three nutritious meals daily, but we also stop to play bingo, sing songs, reminisce over old photos … I could go on. The point is, we are a community, tight-knit and well loved.

We care for our residents as we care for our own family. We grieve with families and celebrate joyous occasions and holidays. We live in this county, shop here and pay taxes here as well.

Privatization will most definitely take all this away. Our only hope is that the people of Orleans County will realize this is not the answer. Take the time to contact your legislators and voice your concerns … It does take a village!

Respectfully submitted by

Marsha Gaddis and the dietary staff of The Villages of Orleans
Albion, NY