Medina school leaders deserve praise, not criticism for reserve funds

Posted 25 August 2014 at 12:00 am


Once again New York State attempts to dictate how a local government should handle it’s affairs. (“Comptroller faults Medina School District over big reserve funds,” Posted on Aug. 25, 2014.)

I for one feel that the Medina School Board has worked hard to position itself for what the NYS Legislature fails to do: deliver on time realistic budgets with adequate funding for public education.

I also believe that one lawsuit could wipe out that balance in reserve funding in a heartbeat. With the state of government funding in constant flux, having funds to address any situation is commendable in my opinion.

I do wish for additional taxpayer relief, and the report should stipulate that in the future. The eventual sale of the Towne school building will also add to the coffers. I would recommend further debt reduction to prepare for future downturns in the economy. The potential for further actions together with the Lyndonville school district could lead to temporary costs that should be prepared for in case it becomes a necessary action.

In summary, let us handle our own business in Medina! Kudos to the recent Boards of Education for a realistic approach to handling the education funding in our community. Thank you for your service! Your foresight allows Medina to offer first-rate facilities, and our own busing service leading to more community employment.

Butt out Albany and return local control to locals!

Dayton Hausman