Library patron questions teens using room with preschoolers

Posted 17 November 2014 at 12:00 am


This is in response to the letter about teens in the library. I agree that teens should be able to use the library, acting with respect and responsibility in taking care of their surroundings.

What I do not agree with is letting the teens use the children’s room. I don’t feel it is right to have small preschool children sharing a room with teenagers. This, in my opinion, is not a good mix. Teenagers playing Minecraft video games or taking over the small bean bag chairs that are there for young children.

When the library was built there was a room made for young children that had room for crafts, story time, and mothers being able to sit with their children and read a book. And then there was a room made for teens. These two areas were not even next to each other.

You may say that the teen room is smaller. That is true but it was based on the current attendance of the teens. The teens right now have there own room plus a loft space and even a community room space with TV for movies and video games.

I was in the library last Tuesday and found two teenagers “sitting behind” the reception desk playing video games. I saw the staff having a hard time moving around these two teens. That bothered me. The reception area was not made to accommodate this. I understand there are many issues floating around and there are two sides of each issue.

After attending Wednesday night’s board meeting I left feeling like once again the board does not care to listen to any concerns the community has. We were told by a board member that we were ONLY 65 people from the community!

I just don’t want the purpose of the library to get lost. I also want to thank everyone that attended Wednesday’s meeting, whether it be to speak to the board or to just listen.


Donna Wolcott