Libertarian leader urges support for party with principles

Posted 8 October 2014 at 12:00 am


Over the past two years, I’ve been asked, “What’s a Libertarian and why should I vote for one?” If you asked 10 Libertarians, you will get different answers. Our core value is individualism – free thinking. We are guaranteed specific individual rights through the Constitution of the United States, and Libertarians advocate the protection of all those rights.

I’m also asked what our position on different issues. To answer that question, first consider a few basic questions. Ask yourself how, in general, you view other people. Consider those people you encounter every day. Are they generally good, decent, honest folks, who would share what they have with someone in need and help another who was in danger? Or, are they bad, scheming, selfish, and look the other way and not want to be involved in helping others in need? Next, ask yourself who should make decisions about people’s welfare? Are the people you know capable of making good decisions, or should they be prevented from doing so to protect themselves?

There are only 4 possible outcomes (Labels are as used today):

1) Folks are good and should be responsible for their own welfare. (Libertarian)

2) Folks are good but society (government) should be responsible for their welfare. (Liberal)

3) Folks are bad and society (government) should safeguard from bad decisions they make. Folks are, however, responsible for their welfare. (Conservative)

4) Folks are bad and society (government) needs to control them. (Authoritarian)

That’s it. Yes, it seems simplistic. There will always be gray areas. Free thinkers will disagree on finer points, naturally. However, the Libertarian’s position on any topic can typically be found by determining what solution would put the most faith in people and require the least government involvement.

With individual freedom, of course, comes responsibility. Unfortunately, Americans have become dependent on the state. The expectation is that government will solve issues. It’s easy to understand why. Government takes a chunk of everyone’s earnings right off the top through income tax. Add property tax, sales tax, license fees, tolls, etc. and it averages out to almost 50 percent of everyone’s income.

I use as a reference You will work for over five months before your pay is yours.

Why are people still hungry, homeless, uneducated, and with inadequate health care? Is our system broken? Why is our country on the offensive around the world? Shouldn’t our defenses be better than anyone’s offense, especially considering what we pay for it?

The ancient Chinese philosopher Laozi said, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” You can take that step by voting for Libertarians. Libertarians can’t just turn a switch and make it all better but Libertarians will shrink government whenever and wherever possible.

We will enable the American spirit of independence, innovation and generosity, by getting government out of the way, respecting your right to make decisions for yourself, and stopping government from confiscating the fruits of your labor.

It will take time, but if you find that you agree with the Libertarian philosophy, that people are generally good and should be making the decisions about their lives, then register as a Libertarian, take a stand with us and make a statement with your vote. You’ll never regret it. Principles are powerful things.

David Olsen

Genesee County Libertarian Party