Libertarian candidate responds to call for ideas to boost Orleans

Posted 30 October 2014 at 12:00 am


This is a Response to Tom Rivers’ challenge to NYS legislative candidates in his editorial on Oct. 20, 2014 (Candidates don’t have much to say about Orleans County, rural NY).

As I see it, the issues identified in Mr. Rivers’ editorial are symptoms of a problem created 101 years ago. Democrats and Republicans are not going to solve this problem. They created it.

Let me first outline the 101-year-old problem: The problem is our current system of taxes. When Democrats and Republicans ratified the 16th Amendment and imposed an income tax, they took the wealth of our nation and gave it to a few hundred people in Congress to use as they see fit: The biggest theft in history.

In the process, the structure of our society that was designed and created by the U.S. Constitution and intended to be preserved, that structure was destroyed. Look at the structure of our society today. You are not a free person: You are required to report your earnings every year to the government. Why? Because every penny you now earn belongs to the federal government, thanks to the Democrats and Republicans.

Congress now gets to tell you how much of their income (that you earned for them) that you get to keep and how you must spend their money that they allow you to keep. If you spend it improperly, they will take more of their money from you. You see symptoms; Our tax structure is the problem.

Your wealth is the property of the U.S. Government. Consequently, lower governments are left to their imagination to figure out how to grab what they need of your wealth: State and local income taxes, sales taxes, real estate taxes, fees, fines, surcharges, revenue generating charges, red light cameras … an endless list. If symptoms of distress appear in a community, and you want a solution, the major political parties’ solution is, fundamentally, more of the same but on a grander scale. Take more of your money and give it to someone else.

With the money flowing to Albany and Washington, the major role of an elected official today is to bring the money back to their district. My opponent is proud of the $33 million he obtained for Genesee County’s 77 Stamp project. Democrats are proud of the billions going to Buffalo and New York City. Every elected official across the state is proud of the numerous grants given to their towns and villages. And now, according to the editorial, Orleans County is also seeking a bigger piece of the financial pie as a solution to its problems. Seriously?

What would I have done? What will I do when I get into office? I would have voted against the 77 Stamp project. Any act where the government takes and distributes your earnings is tyranny. Thousands of such tyrannical projects exist across the state. I will work to end this tyranny and leave your earnings in your hands. I will work to establish a proper, constitutional way to fund government. A consumption based tax system, a sales tax system, is a system where government has a direct interest in making sure commerce and enterprise is thriving. And, that brings us to the issue of tourism and commerce.

New York State is grossly failing to meet Orleans County’s and the surrounding counties’ infrastructure needs. For example: Route 531 should be extended to Niagara Falls and developed to serve Holley, Albion, Medina and all of the northwestern upstate towns and hamlets along the way. The abandoned Ontario Parkway should be taken to Niagara Falls. The entire shoreline of Lake Ontario should be developed so that it can be enjoyed by tourists and residents, with new pull-offs for tourists, commercial development, and private use.

Want to solve Orleans County’s problems? Fix the 101-year-old problem. End both federal and state income tax. If we do, the role of government will automatically become limited, focused on the needs of its citizens, and we would quickly return to the structure originally crafted and established by the U.S. Constitution, where you, as an individual, will become free and empowered again to implement your own solutions.

Mark E. Glogowski, Ph.D.
Libertarian Candidate
139th Assembly District