LDC’s are used to hide government business

Posted 6 October 2013 at 12:00 am

Dear Editor:

Taxpayers beware! LDC’s (Local Development Corporations) are formed by governments as a way to do business without having to disclose how they are doing business.

An article titled, “LDC Inquiry Gaining Steam,” in the Sunday Democrat and Chronicle, explains how LDC’s are coming under scrutiny by addressing such questions as: Are LDC’s becoming a dumping ground for government to hide what is going on from the public? Should our government be able to do business with LDC’s which, because they are private, cannot have information F.O.I.L.E.D.?

In Orleans County our Legislature is using an LDC to pursue selling our County Nursing Home. Everywhere we look our government knows more and more about each of us, personally and financially.Now our local government wants to use an LDC to hide more and more facts about our publicly owned nursing home from usthe people who paid for it!

The least each of us deserves is honest facts about the operation of “The Villages of Orleans”our County Nursing Home – and the opportunity to vote on a referendum that would require the Legislature to act as the taxpayers wish. If the taxpayers do not at least get a referendum, what will be hidden from us next?

On Nov. 5, each of us will have the opportunity to cast a ballot to continue down the same path, or to choose a different direction. Please exercise the right so many have died to secure. Vote on Nov. 5.

Fred Miller

(Miller is the Democrat-endorsed candidate for District 3 Orleans County Legislator.)