Keep Medina hospital strong by utilizing its services

Posted 1 May 2013 at 12:00 am


I would like to bring to the attention of the citizens of Orleans County a dire plea to utilize Orleans Community Health Medina Memorial Hospital, to avoid a trend of small hospital closures similar to what just occurred in the community of Brockport with the permanent closure of Lakeside Hospital.

I also ask the Orleans County Legislature to step forward and reaffirm its commitment to our only County Emergency Care Hospital. To date we have heard nothing from the Legislature regarding Orleans Community Health Medina Memorial Hospital other than at a recent meeting where James Sinner current CEO, gave an opinion on the sale of The Villages and how Medina Hospital sold Orchard Manor Nursing Home to a private equity firm.

A community or county’s success revolves around accessible health care. There are rumors and discussions in the local coffee shops of how care has become less than desirable at our local hospital, but without it Orleans County would be far worse off.

I have a firsthand knowledge of Orleans Community Health and feel that this county needs to rally around it, for its immediate and future survival. Yes, some will say you get better, faster and more appropriate care from city hospitals. But you have local people who need the care that Orleans Community Health can provide in an emergency situation.

I urge all residents from the Eastern and Central areas of the county to really take into consideration Orleans Community Health for their health care needs. And I ask the Orleans County Legislature to affirm their support for the local hospital and to put this in a declaration, similar to their recent support of the revocation of the NYS Safe Act. Please, your local only Emergency Care Hospital needs your support now!!

Michael G. Maak

Maak is chairman of Orleans County EMS Council and also leader of Big Lakes Regional EMS Council for Orleans, Niagara and Genesee counties.