If dissolution passes, village residents would lose control of services

Posted 6 January 2015 at 12:00 am


I keep thinking about this “dissolution” vote in Medina and how it will impact people both in their pockets and their lifestyle.

As far as the financial impact; while both sides have serious points, I lean toward the side of keeping things as they are because I don’t think you can bring down the cost factor by “spreading the pain” unless you degrade the services. There is history of other communities who have done this without reaping that promised cost saving benefits.

I also think the “Villagers” have a lot to lose if they vote for dissolution. Will your country counterparts care about your DIFFERENT NEEDS because the Village has a large population in a small area?

This becomes a huge factor in fighting fires and policing the people – Hence, SAFETY. Let’s face it; the danger to close neighbors from a burning building in the village is much greater than from a burning building in the more open Town of Ridgeway. A nasty-tongued or deeding miscreant in the village poses much more danger to close neighbors than in the countryside.

The other thing is that the Village is kept up and tidy, and up to date on repairs. Those repairs are constant and concentrated, unlike the occasional usage of roads in the countryside which are likely unlighted. Village residents enjoy well-lit streets, water and sewer services, and early plowing of your streets.

I can’t help but compare my Barre Center tax bill including the lights that illuminate the Town of Barre which because I rarely go that direction, never enjoy. While I understand the need, I grumble every year. If your Village Government is dissolved how do you think your neighbors will feel about the services you now enjoy? You have a good thing which YOU control. I wonder why you would want other outside taxpayers deciding whether or not you NEED all that you enjoy.

Cindy Troy

(Troy is president of the CSEA union for Orleans County employees.)