Former Medina BOE president supports 2 candidates

Posted 17 May 2013 at 12:00 am


As a former member of the Medina Board of Education, I have spent considerable time deciding how best to continue to support transparent, fair, and objective oversight of our educational community.

Board membership should not favor special interest groups, bargaining units, or programs which benefit one’s own family members. Decisions must be made with the best interest of the entire community; students, staff AND the taxpayer, as a part of the discussion and decisions. Finding balance in what is necessary, productive and affordable while at the same time lessening the burden on the taxpayer is an ongoing process.

I will be supporting and I encourage your vote for WENDI PENCILLE and LORI DRAPER. The success of ALL students motivates their commitment and desire to serve on the board.

It is a challenge with every issue to find balance in providing the best educational opportunities for our students while realizing the impact every decision has on those who pay the taxes. Wendi has proven her commitment to these values and Lori, I believe, will do the same.

I do not take lightly the magnitude of the impact board of education service has on the community. Personal agendas, divisive control or an expectation of special privileges have no place in school oversight. Wendi and Lori will provide quality, nonpartisan leadership for the district.

School board elections will be held Tuesday at the District Office, One Mustang Drive (adjacent to the high school). Voting hours are Noon to 8 PM.

Voters must present some form of identification (i.e. driver’s license). You are not required to vote for four candidates. You may vote for one or up to four.

Maureen Blackburn
Medina, NY