Dissolving village of Medina isn’t the best way to reduce taxes

Posted 24 April 2013 at 12:00 am

To the residents of the Village of Medina and the Towns of Shelby and Ridgeway:

In the next few weeks and months you may hear a buzzword around the village of Medina, and that word will be dissolution. The Village Board, in my opinion mainly the mayor, feels the only way to lower property tax for village property owners is to dissolve the village.

The information in the proposed dissolution plan should be provided in a timely manner and show all of the facts that will affect village and town residents.

A group of concerned village residents will meet to start a grass-root effort to oppose the dissolution if in fact the board puts forth a dissolution plan. If this does happen you will be seeing more letters to the editor, signage, and, as some of you have seen, T-shirts that say “This Village Matters.”

It is this group’s feelings that we live in the village so we can have the protection of a police department and a career fire department minutes, if not seconds, away from us along with a dedicated Department of Public works staff. We are willing to pay our village taxes for these benefits. There are other ways to lessen our property tax than giving up our village. You are invited to visit our informative Facebook page Medina, this village matters.

Mike Sidari
Village of Medina