County using Office for Aging newsletter to give one-sided story of nursing home

Posted 26 July 2013 at 12:00 am


The Friendly Carrier, a monthly newsletter from the Orleans County Office for the Aging, has been a reliable, trusted source of information pertinent to senior citizens for at least four decades. If it’s in the Friendly Carrier, it must be true.  Right? Sadly this is not necessarily so, recently.

For the last two months, 3 of the 8 pages of this publication have been solely devoted to the Legislature’s Frequently Asked Questions regarding the proposed sale of the Villages of Orleans nursing home. The worst part is, the Office for the Aging has been told they cannot print the views of the Concerned Citizens of Orleans County regarding this sale. This demonstrates not only a lack of Freedom of Speech but puts undo pressure on the senior citizens of Orleans County to accept the stance of the Legislature as gospel truth. “If it’s in the Friendly Carrier it must be true.  Right?”

If you have ever gone to the Office for the Aging for help in selecting health insurance, you know that you are given all the options and YOU choose what fits your needs. These last two newsletters do not reflect usual Office for the Aging policy.  Do you wonder why?

See us (Concerned Citizens of Orleans County) at the 4-H Fair for the other side of the story.  Look for information in the Lakecountry Pennysaver, on your computer, or letters in the Batavia Daily News.  Make an effort to keep informed about this important issue.


Grace Denniston and Kay Walter
Former Office for the Aging Employees and Concerned Citizens of Orleans County