Conservative Party wants to reverse cycle of high taxation

Posted 10 June 2013 at 12:00 am


The candidate endorsements are over from the Orleans County Conservative Party. We want to assure the voting public that we did not take giving our endorsement lightly. We have hopefully produced candidates that have made it clear that they “will not” be voting to override the tax cap or be voting to raise your taxes.

Our Town Board candidates understand that we are the poorest county in the state and have the highest taxes in the country. We want to reverse that cycle of high taxation and it starts by getting serious about reducing the spending from “within” the government entity.

We have endorsed candidates for highway superintendent that have pledged to reduce spending and make as many in-house repairs to equipment as possible. By doing the maintenance on equipment in the highway department it will save the taxpayers thousands of dollars a year. Many highway departments pay others to do the basic servicing non-computer work. This has to stop. Unlike the Republican Party, we will take our candidates out to the woodshed if they stray from their promises. An endorsement given this year will not be given next time if they go against the tax pledge.

We see the Republican Party has completed its endorsements. The party has endorsed the same people that voted to raise your taxes year after year. The same taxers, spenders, fee raisers and regulators that have caused and kept this county Number One for all the wrong reasons. The party bosses have given them the nod. They continue to take the Republican voter base for granted. They have had no serious competition, so for all these years they have grown government, taken care of their friends and only now when total collapse is near they say they have to start doing things differently but with the same people. They have long lost their principles.

The Orleans County Republicans better understand that they have competition. The Conservative Party is asking you to vote for our endorsed candidates. We have endorsed Conservatives and Republicans who can no longer be a part of this falseness that has become the GOP in our county. For three years we have been fighting for you. We will continue to fight for you to keep more of what you have and work hard to cut property taxes so you can stay in your home. Cut taxes, not raise them. We care about making Orleans County an affordable place to live and an affordable place to do business.

So we ask all Republican and Conservative thinking people to come over to the Conservative Party. We have the principles that the Republicans have lost. It won’t be an easy fix. They have made a huge mess the last 13 years growing government. They give the same excuses year after year like a broken record at budget time. The problems they created and perpetuated. Vote for the Conservative endorsed candidate and vote for real change.

Paul Lauricella
Town of Yates

(Lauricella is treasurer of the Orleans County Conservative Party.)