East Shelby Fire Company urges ‘No’ vote on dissolution

Posted 16 January 2015 at 12:00 am


As part of the ongoing discussion regarding the proposed dissolution of the Village of Medina, we as the East Shelby Volunteer Fire Company would like to express our position against dissolving the village government.

Our fire company has been in service since 1953, and we are strongly opposed to the dissolution. We have the privilege of working side by side with the village fire, ambulance and police departments. This has always been a professional and respectful working relationship that has met the needs of the community.

If the dissolution occurs, we may never have again an ambulance service with the ability to put four ambulances on the road at the same time when called upon to provide for the needs of our citizens.

Throughout our 62-year history working closely with the Medina Fire Department at fire calls and emergencies, we have experienced a hand-in-hand partnership between the paid firemen in the village and the volunteer firemen and women in East Shelby, which provides the highest quality service possible for our communities.


Members of the East Shelby Volunteer Fire Company

Fire Chief Michael O. Fuller
President Dennis W. MacDonald