Drennan showed himself to be clear-cut choice for sheriff at candidate forum

Posted 23 October 2015 at 12:00 am


Wednesday night (Oct. 21, 2015) I attended the Orleans County Sheriff’s forum organized by the New York Revolution and the Orleans County chapter of SCOPE at the Albion Elks Lodge.

It was a very well organized forum and both groups should be commended for their professionalism and attention to detail to make this a wonderful educational event. I went there to learn more about the two candidates who are opposing Tom Drennan for the Orleans County sheriff’s position before I cast my vote on Nov. 3.

After an hour and a half of watching these three men answer the questions submitted by the attendees, it reinforced my decision that Tom Drennan is the clear-cut best choice for the sheriff’s position. He answered each question cleanly, professionally and honestly.

There was no dancing around the issues or political rhetoric. There was no “telling the people what they want to hear” and no false promises. His answer to the last question of the night and his closing statement are what left a lasting impression on me as I walked out the door to go home.

The last question of the night was “Why do you feel your choice of undersheriff is the best man for that position?” There was no collective sigh or dramatic pause from Tom Drennan when he stated the name of Brett Sobieraski as his choice for undersheriff. Don Organisciak’s answer was impressive and he simply stated that “You’re not voting for the undersheriff. A sheriff needs to lead by example. You’re the sheriff.” A straightforward response.

Drennan expanded on that statement after Organisciak’s spoke by stating that he wanted this election to be about the sheriff, nothing else. When he felt that by him not naming an undersheriff had become a distraction, he disclosed his choice. He then went on to tell the crowd a brief history of Brett Sobieraski’s background and their plan for the Orleans County Sheriff’s Department. He made it clear that the undersheriff will work for him. Their 50 years of experience between the two of them make them an impressive duo.

In my opinion, Tom Drennan’s closing statement was unmatched by either candidate. You could tell that the longer that he spoke in his closing statement, it became evident that he was proud of what he’s already accomplished for our county and wants the chance to do more.

He is a calm, cool and collected man by nature and for him to show the passion that he displayed while speaking in his closing statement, well that spoke volumes.

This showed me how much he loved his job, this county and how much he wants to serve as sheriff to make it a safer place for all us. He then went on to state his qualifications, his training and how he worked his way up through the ranks to get this opportunity to be sheriff.

My late father always said “The only job you should ever start at the top is when you’re digging a hole.”

Simply put, Tom Drennan has done it the old-fashioned way: He’s worked for it. Please vote for Tom Drennan on Nov. 3.


Timothy Jurhs