County should have put off pole barns and worked on more bridge projects

Posted 9 October 2015 at 12:00 am


We have 49 bridges in this county that are in dangerous condition or are out of service. The County Legislature recently bonded $8 million for infrastructure. Out of this money they decided to put up two buildings for the highway equipment.

Well over a quarter of a million dollars. Not one county legislator stood up and said a thing. They rubber-stamped it. Talk about wrong priorities.

Forty-nine bridges and the highway equipment takes precedence over the safety of the citizens of this county and the travelers that pass through. How much bridge repair could that money have paid for? This highway convenience project could not have been deferred till the bridges were in order?

Chairman Callard had the gall to tell me they are doing a good job as he was limiting my First Amendment rights at the last meeting. Every meeting the rules change for conservative free speech. He’s been there 20 years and resided over this decline of our bridges. What have they done with the fuel tax money that they so desperately have to collect at 4 percent per gallon?

It is time for a change and time for real conservative principles to be applied at the Legislature. There are two Legislature seats being contested. I urge you to replace both sitting legislators as they are complete bobblehead, rubber stamps. Never take my word for it. Check out the county minutes and view their voting records and see for yourself.

What they say and how they vote are night and day. On Nov. 3, you have a chance to change that. We must use the tax dollars for the good of the people not for the ease and the good of government. On Nov. 3, vote right across the conservative line.

Paul Lauricella Jr.

Mr. Lauricella is a candidate for County Legislature for a district that includes Yates, Ridgeway and a portion of Shelby.