Consider the sheriff candidate who said he would enforce all laws

Posted 25 October 2015 at 12:00 am


In reading recent letters regarding the debate and comments of sheriff candidates for Orleans County, I would begin with one simple question: What does the “Safe Act” have to do with qualifications of the ability or the integrity of holding the office of sheriff? It’s a simple question.

Why is it an issue? I think I know why: political talking points that distract from more important and prominent issues. After all, all of you who put “Repeal the Safe Act” signs in your yard voted for Republican candidates. Two years later, did you get your wish?

And if that is the only thing your mind is focused on, did you consider that these “representatives” are developing legislation on a lot of other issues that affect us all? It’s just a distraction.

No one is coming after your guns. They give you that fear to draw your attention away from the issues that you should be more concerned about. Like what kind of sheriff are you putting into power?

When you take a good look at how justice is administered in our society, and right here in your own front yard, are you really going to vote to put a man in office, who blatantly says he will violate the law? Are people so ignorant? Are you electing a dictator who makes up his own rules?

How long will Orleans County be dominated by a “good ol’ boy” mentality? Justice is a key in our society. If our law enforcers make their own rules, is that justice? Are Mr. Drennan and Mr. Bower more qualified than a federal judge or a state judge about constitutional law? Are they obligated to uphold the law?

Well, yes, they are yet, they are also saying they’ll do things their way. Can you or I say that and escape jail? If I don’t like the law, can I just ignore it? No, of course not. They’re saying they will.

What other laws will they ignore according to their own whims? What other policies will they put into place that reflect “their” idea of justice? Are either of them a good example of obeying the law and then administering it? Or are they playing politics upon your fears and making you look the other way while you miss the bigger points?

Electing the next sheriff of Orleans County has nothing to do with the SAFE Act. But, maybe, just maybe you can figure out which candidate will enforce the law, better the department, and not continue in making Orleans County a dictatorship of old school thought.

Taking care of our community, taking care of our officers, that’s what’s important. I can’t help but notice that Drennan and Bower missed the points that we citizens truly rely upon. Don’t worry about your guns, worry about who you elect to office who carries one and makes up his own rules.

Maybe you should give Don Organisciak another look. He said he will uphold the law, not look under your bed to take your guns.

Just a thought,

Jay Rothmund
Batavia, a former Albion resident